50mm lens

Five Reasons to Own the Nifty Fifty

Camera lenses are expensive. And as much as we want them, we have to make wise and economical choices. In this video, I’m going to give you five reasons to pick up a 50mm lens, also known as the Nifty Fifty.

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Carver High School wrestlers // Behind the Scenes

A few months ago, I photographed some rising wrestling stars at George W. Carver High School in Birmingham, Alabama. This was a welcome challenge because I rarely shoot athletes, but these guys made it a fun experience!

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Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself

Happy New Year! Welcome to a new journey, a new perspective, and newfound enlightenment. I’m happy we get to share the new year together. If you’re reading this, it was meant to be. I’ve been preparing to share a portion of my story with you in case we’re meeting for the first time. So, allow me […]

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You Gotta Keep Learnin’, Yo.

Disclaimer: I was not asked to endorse the Survival Guide. These are my personal opinions and experience during the St. Louis workshop. Business can be overwhelming. You’re constantly waiting on the next job, but you should also be consistent in making contacts. And that’s what I learned and more during John Keatley’s Survival Guide workshop […]

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The Champ is Here!

Entrepreneurs are my heroes. Whenever I am asked to shoot headshots for a fellow entrepreneur, I’m always intrigued by their sense of excitement. The passion for their new found freedom definitley shows in their images.

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Kaplan University ‘Shine On Public Service’ Campaign

April was a great month for me. I received an email from an advertising agency based in Miami to shoot video profiles for Kaplan University. I was excited, and nervous, about the project because of its intensity, but I had to remind myself of my life’s mantra: Everything I’ve ever done has prepared me for […]

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Focus on Your Craft and Not the Gear

Photography is fast becoming an increasingly popular craft, with many of us believing that gear directly impacts quality of work. As artists, and often, those who appreciate cool gadgets, photographers seem to always want the nicest tools, the fanciest accessories, and the newest cameras. We often struggle withstaying focused on our skills and not the fancy equipment […]

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