The Champ is Here!

Entrepreneurs are my heroes. Whenever I am asked to shoot headshots for a fellow entrepreneur, I’m always intrigued by their sense of excitement. The passion for their new found freedom definitley shows in their images.

While attending a how to write your elevator pitch event, I met Courtney Herring, founder of The Champ Media Agency. I knew she had a deep passion for digital marketing when she stood before the class. Most of us were compelled to learn more about her business by your elevator pitch alone! Once the session was over, we exchanged business cards and had a quick conversation about photography and cool events around Atlanta. What added to Courtney’s digital marketing coolness was her Mini Cooper (cool cars automatically make you a cool kid in my book).

A few weeks later, Courtney scheduled some time to have her headshots taken by yours truly. Now, for the photographers and friends reading, our shoot day was during an Atlanta afternoon, which means humidity and the sun beaming on your neck. Sounds unbearable, right? We had a few breezes to pass by, but we made the most of our shoot day and created some great photos.


For the photographers, I was able to accomplish this shoot by using a 5-in-1 reflector. The reflector allows you to “reflect” light to create different looks using the silver or gold sides. The black side allows you to either feather or block light completely from your subject. The white side brightens images, but can create a softer tone. Not only can you reflect light, but you can decrease your lighting using the inner diffusion panel, often called a scrim. The scrim saved me when I wanted to shoot in an open lot against an orange wall that didn’t provide any shade.

Here is an image of Courtney without the diffusion panel. The image is in focus, but notice the shadows underneath her eyes.


Now, here’s a picture of Courtney in the same area with the scrim above her head. MAGIC!


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