My first major portfolio review in New York City

Photography takes you to a lot of new places. In October, it took me to my first major portfolio review with NYCFotoWorks in New York City. The application process was seamless and I was happy to hear that I was accepted. My anxiety was on another level leading up to this event. I spent three days with some high-level magazine editors, creative directors, and photography reps.

Meeting schedule at NYC Fotoworks (October 2017)

The first day was tough since I didn’t know what to expect. I received some critical advice and it helped me regroup and prepare for the next two review days, which went much more smoothly. A lot of the magazine editors enjoyed my work, specifically my black and white portraiture and personal projects (I’ll chat more about the importance of personal work in another post). Here’s a break down from my daily experience below:

Portfolio review day one recap: So, today’s reviews went very well. Met with Essence, Edelman, Greenhouse Reps, and AdAge. Good feedback, but I still have work to do.

Portfolio review day two recap: Met with Forbes, Food Network Magazine, ALM Media, and Marina Maher Communications. Today was much better than Tuesday, which provided critical critiques and valuable advice. My work was described as personable and rich.

Portfolio review day three (final day): Best day ever. Met with Teach for America, TIME, Foreign Policy Association, New York Magazine, and Wall Street Journal. All five really liked my work, especially my personal work centered around the Mardi Gras Indians.

Teach for America was excited about my black and white work, which is my passion, and will definitely be in touch (👏🏽). TIME gave me some valuable advice on what to include and what to edit in my print portfolio. Wall Street Journal and New York Magazine loved my personal projects, especially my reportage work. Foreign Policy Association liked my portrait work.

While I was there, I did get to meet some amazing photographers, such as Lindsay Adler and André Perry, both who I follow on Instagram. I would suggest you do the same.

Two Lindsays/Lynseys at NYCFotoWorks portfolio review
André Perry (@perrylperry on IG)

To get a feel for my portfolio, here’s a video I filmed that shows the prints used during my review.

In preparation, I also reorganized my website. See the video below that gives you a brief overview.

My first portfolio review was a success and I’m already putting their advice into action. There was a lot of hard work put into this experience, along with the mistakes made while I was there. Thankfully, I was able to recover and gain better insight into my work. The portfolio review was a necessary experience to push me towards the next phase of my career. If you’re looking for honest critiques and to meet your dream clients, I highly recommend applying for NYCFotoWorks’ next portfolio review.

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