My Five Daily Creative Necessities

ALERT: This is not a gear post. Though I love talking about random photography tools, I’m steering clear of that in this post. 🙂

We’re constantly bombarded with what we should use to take better photos, but what about the things that get us through the day? When I’m not shooting, I’m at home or in my office preparing for the week. Oftentimes, the camera is one of the last things I consider taking before I leave the house. So, how do I make a non-shoot day super productive? My routine is atypical, but it helps keep the creative energy alive.

  1. Earl Gray or Breakfast tea. No day for me is complete without a cup of tea. Most mornings are filled with emails, calls, and editing, so, it’s important for me to have a burst of energy. I’m quickly falling in love with Chai tea as well, but no matter what, there are at least two cups of tea per day on my desk. How do I take my tea? Whole milk and lots of honey. I know… Too much sugar, but what can I say? It keeps me going.
  2. Google Docs. What’s a day without taking copious notes online? A new Google Doc is comparable to fresh air; new ideas start flowing for personal projects or updating shoot information or writing a creative brief. I also like to keep things organized for me and my team. We help each other flush out ideas to make them more attainable.
  3. Instagram. I can hang out on Instagram all day. Not only am I posting my own photos, but I’m constantly amazed by the creatives in the world. I’ve actually connected with some of them in real life. Most of them inspire me to be a better artist. I freakin’ love IG.
  4. Moleskine notebook(s). When I don’t feel like opening a Google Doc, I pull out a pen and paper while on the go. I’m still old school and I carry at least two Moleskine notebooks in my bookbag.  I take notes on locations and some random person or event that inspires me. My favs are the Cahier notebooks. They’re small enough to fit in the back of your pocket and into a small camera bag.
  5. Watch. When my iPhone gets in the way, I’ll leave it in my camera bag or back pocket and check the time with an analog watch. I often like to untether myself from the digital world and just take in the sites and the moment. Plus, if I’m shooting, I can’t hold a phone and a camera at the same time. So, my watch comes in handy.

What are your daily photography essentials? I’d love to hear what’s part of your creative inspiration. Until then, keep shooting!

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